Over-Length Fee Update – March 2023

  • Over-Length Fee Update – March 2023

    Most if not all LTL carriers took general rate increases in late 2022 or early 2023.  As part of their increase process, they also update and make adjustments to their rules tariffs.  One area of focus over the last few years has been with Over-Length fees.  These are also referred to as Over-Dimensional or Extreme-Length, and commonly apply on shipments with lengths equal or exceeding 8 feet (96 inches).  Most carriers apply their rule with a table of rates where the fee rises as the length increases.

    LTL carriers have become exceptionally good at ensuring they are compensated for shipments exceeding 8 feet in length.  For LTL shippers, it is in your best interests to ALWAYS know when you have shipments which are subject to this type of rule. Otherwise, as you can see from the table below, you will find a rather large upcharge on your invoice that you did not expect.  Further, it is best for LTL shippers to ALWAYS list the length of their Over-Length shipments on the BOL.  This shows your partner carriers that you do want them to be compensated properly and appreciate their willingness to handle your difficult freight.

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