What We Do

What We Do

Our business is all about passionately supporting the LTL industry.  Regardless of your role within LTL, we can help you.   Here are just a couple of the projects we have done for our customers:

  • Developed a carrier dossier to track LTL carrier service areas, Mastio scores, optimal and sub-optimal freight profiles, use of rail and purchased transportation, use of 3PLs, use of dimensioners, service options, etc.
  • Authored an internal LTL 101 training document covering topics such as the NMFC, accessorials, carrier liability, and management of freight bill exceptions.
  • Establish a customer onboarding process to gather pertinent customer data such as freight profile, priority of service needs, and operational checklists.
  • Designed a pricing calculator model which accounts for changes in pricing due to base rate, freight class, accessorial, minimum charge, fuel surcharge, and discount adjustments.
  • Advised methods to optimize the application of over-dimensional charges on shipping items exceeding 96 inches in length which dramatically impact freight operations.


Are you struggling to control your LTL spend?  Are you unable to find a carrier to reliably service your LTL freight needs?  Are you drowning in reweighs and reclasses?  Are you getting hit with excessive density minimum charge, cubic minimum charge, linear foot, or capacity minimum charges?  Are you absorbing delivery fees like residential, limited access, and forklift which are not being passed on to your customers?  Are you shipping LTL freight without a TMS?  We can help!

What we can do for LTL Shippers:

  • Improve carrier selection, matched to profile and needs
  • Ensure appropriate and competitive pricing for profile and needs
  • Negotiate LTL pricing with carriers and logistics providers
  • Support Route Optimization efforts
  • Select and onboard a TMS solution
  • Optimize packaging to reduce costs
  • Optimize packaging to reduce damages
  • Eliminate reweigh and reclass issues
  • Eliminate accessorial non-compliance issues
  • Eliminate application of density minimum, linear foot, cubic minimum charge, etc
  • Maximize benefit of dynamic pricing offerings
  • Manage an RFP sourcing event
  • Shipper of Choice education


Are you a 3PL or Logistics Provider who struggles with managing your LTL business?  Do you need to set up your own TMS, and/or provide a TMS to your customers?  Are you challenged by excessive freight bill exceptions that your customers don't want to pay?  We can help!

What we can do for LTL Logistics Service Providers:

  • Eliminate Reweigh and Reclass issues
  • Eliminate accessorial issues
  • Density Minimum, Linear Foot, Cubic Minimum
  • Optimized BOL to eliminate exceptions
  • Carrier Selections to match to profile and need
  • Becoming a Provider of Choice
  • Packaging enhancements to reduce costs and damages
  • CSP vs Blanket analysis
  • TMS selection and usage
  • Non-TMS Technology selection and usage
  • Facilitate carrier relations


Are you an LTL carrier wanting to get to the next level with your OR?  Do you want to optimize your revenue, grow your yield, and maintain the ground you have gained with prior initiatives?  Do you want to enhance accessorial compliance and/or reduce the cost of managing exceptions?  We can help!

What we can do for LTL Carriers:

  • Dynamic Pricing enhancements and advancement
  • Optimizing Weighing & Inspection practices
  • Optimize Accessorial compliance and cost management
  • Optimize Accessorial structures and rules tariff items
  • Strengthening Sales approach for profitable freight
  • Improve reporting for profile metrics
  • Enhance and strengthen shipment dimension capture
  • Optimize Costing model and cost estimators