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MORE THAN JUST A Logistics Consultant

Sayers Logistics was founded in 2020 by LTL industry veteran Scooter Sayers.  With over 25 years in the industry, covering both the asset-based and non-asset side, his expertise has a heavy focus on pricing, yield management, carrier relations, sales support, and costing.  He is also well versed within administration, technology, customer service, and operations.  He is passionate about the industry and understands the many challenges faced by LTL carriers, shippers, and logistics providers.  Scooter currently resides in the Atlanta GA metro area.


We have a real passion for LTL.  You could say it’s in our blood.  LTL fits such a critical need within the North American supply chain and provides so many flexible options and opportunities for shippers.  When you have one or more boxes to ship, parcel carriers are great choices.  But for parcel, your goods have to fit in a cardboard box that can be moved on conveyors.  The parcel carriers are increasingly rolling out higher surcharges for any goods that cannot move on a conveyor because they are too heavy, too long or tall, or not configured like a cube-shaped box.  On the other end of the spectrum, Truckload carriers are great when you have large quantities of goods to move from Point A to Point B.  You get a dedicated trailer to move just your product (most of the time), and the driver or team can move your freight quickly.  But you have to pay for the entire trailer.  That can get quite expensive if you only need, for example, half of the trailer. 


LTL fills the gap in between these two options of small parcel and full truckload.  LTL can do this whether your shipment needs to delivery to a business, a residence, or really any other type of site, whether it has an unloading dock or not.  LTL is optimized to handle palletized freight but can handle virtually any type of freight that can fit on a trailer.  LTL can offer fast transits including overnight service as well as scheduled appointment deliveries.  Whatever service options you need, LTL can handle.  That’s what we love about LTL, and why we are so passionate!


The US LTL industry is comprised of over 100 carriers but the top 25 carriers make up over 75% of the market.  LTL is quite different from the small parcel industry which is dominated by just a handful of carriers large enough to operate massive delivery networks and a fleet of cargo aircraft.  LTL is also quite different from the truckload industry which contains literally tens of thousands of carriers, many of which are single owner-operators or very-small carriers with 5 or fewer trucks.  Running an LTL trucking operation takes enormous capital, which is why so few new LTL carriers have been formed in the last 25 years.  But LTL is not dominated by just a small handful of carriers like parcel, and it is also not highly fragmented like truckload.  LTL is made up of a solid number of well-run companies who thrive by providing innovative and cost-effective solutions in a highly-competitive segment of the transportation marketplace.