Residential Deliveries – 08/30/22 Update

  • Residential Deliveries – 08/30/22 Update

    I am on a quest to map out how each of the major LTL carriers manages and offers Residential delivery service. Every LTL carrier views Residential deliveries through a different lens, has a different set of rules and charges that govern this service, has a different fleet of equipment to perform these complicated deliveries, and has a different appetite for these deliveries.

    The Excel-based tracking file has responses from 8 carriers, and paints an interesting picture thus far.  My goal is to compile responses from all Top 25 carriers.

    As more responses from carriers come in, I will update the Excel file attached and post it on this blog page.

    Here are interesting things to note thus far:


    • We see a wide range of fees. Minimum charges range from $75 to $160.  CWT-rate fees range from $4.00/cwt to $13.90/cwt.
    • We see a wide range of liftgate equipment availability.  One carrier has liftgates on 5% of their city fleet, another has liftgates on 75% of their city fleet.
    • Some carriers have a separate and higher fee for appointments as opposed to notifications, others charge the same fee.
    • Most carriers provide notification for free with Residential (and Limited Acess).
    • No-touch and no-signature-required deliveries are growing service offerings.

    If you work at an LTL carrier that is not represented on the updated file, and have knowledge about your company’s Residential program, please reach out to me so I can add you.




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