2021 Mastio LTL Rankings

  • 2021 Mastio LTL Rankings

    Mastio recently released their 2021 LTL carrier rankings. Their rankings are based upon interviews with nearly 1,500 shippers, and covered over 200 LTL carrier providers. Over 30 attributes were considered, including ontime pickups, damage claims, timely customer service, knowledgeable sales reps, and competitive pricing.

    I have found Mastio to be a great source for aligning LTL carrier value with price. Most Expedia-type price grids you find in a TMS rank carriers by price, cheapest to highest. But that only paints part of the picture. I have found that picking a high-quality carrier may be more expensive when looking at just the quote or the invoice. But a high-quality carrier can be more economical overall because you generally get better customer service, fewer claims, faster issue resolution, etc, etc. So if you have the means, maybe incorporate Mastio rankings in your TMS. Or at least your selection process. And when you find a quality carrier at a competitive price, hitch your wagon.

    Kudos to Peninsula Truck Lines for another #1 ranking. They are one of several carriers who always seem to find themselves at or near the top, overall and within their segment. I will put a link to the rankings in the comments.

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