LTL Carrier Over-Length Adjustments November 2021

  • LTL Carrier Over-Length Adjustments November 2021

    Updates are in and most LTL carriers have indeed made changes to their Over-Length fees in the last 2 weeks. The graphic below shows fee structures for many major carriers prior to November and current. Those whose column is blank have not posted any updates and thus their prior charges still apply. You should be advised, however, that these carriers may simply be reviewing the situation and will publish an update later this month or beyond.

    A couple of notable considerations:
    * Dayton Freight and A Duie Pyle begin their over-length fees at 7′
    * Updated fee structures generally doubled, with notable exceptions
    * Only Old Dominion has a one-tier charge regardless of length
    * Many carriers limit liability on over-length freight
    * Pitt Ohio charges a higher fee if shipper fails to declare length

    That latter bullet is a smart business move in my book. It incentivizes the shipper to note actual and accurate dimensions on the BOL. The LTL industry needs more carriers pushing shippers to provide this incredibly important information. And it needs more shippers willing to invest in providing accurate and helpful information to the carriers.




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